Maimo Saphir Watch

Premium Hardware, Premium Experience

  • Sapphire Glass Cover
  • 1.78'' AMOLED Screen
  • 10+ Day Battery Life
  • Health & Fitness Tracking

Sapphire Glass Covering, Brilliantly Built

  • Compact and Durable

    The 9.8 mm thick Saphir Watch comes with a matte, aluminum alloy case. The cover on top is made of sapphire glass, a synthetic material highly resistant to scratches, so wear it wherever and however you'd like.

  • Unmatched Image Quality

    The 1.78'' AMOLED screen has an impressive pixel density of 326 PPI with a maximum brightness of 500 nits and a 368 x 448 resolution, delivering you a greater amount of detail in everything you see.

  • Advanced Techniques

    Sapphire glass manufacturing requires high-cost precision instruments and materials. It needs to be polished manually by highly experienced workers to ensure its edge is smooth and shiny.

Long Battery Life

Supported Features

24-hour heart rate monitoring/24-hour activity tracking/Sleep, stress, energy monitoring/Notifications/Alarms/Outdoor activities

Long Battery Life

Supported Features

24-hour heart rate monitoring/24-hour activity tracking Notifications /Alarms

Long Battery Life

Supported Features

Outdoor activity mode with GPS enabled & heart rate monitoring

17 Fitness Modes, Move Your Way

Exercise Smarter, Not Harder

Exercise Smarter, Not Harder Crush your fitness goals by training smarter. Know exactly where you are by monitoring your heart rate, active calories, and other essential information. With 17 fitness modes, whatever you're into, we've got it covered. And yes, you can absolutely swim with a Saphir Watch*.

*Waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. Works for swimming, snorkeling, in the rain or in the shower but not suitable for diving, scuba diving or other high-speed water sports.

Real-time Health Data

Easily track your heart rate, stress level, and sleep quality to better understand your body. You'll get an alert whenever something of concern occurs.

7 Advanced Sensors, Accuracy Guaranteed

We provide accurate information about your health and fitness. 7 advanced sensors include Three-axis Acceleration Sensor, Gyroscope, Geomagnetic sensor, Baroceptor, Ambient Light Sensor, PPG Heart Rate Sensor, and Capacitive Sensor.

Fresh, New Look, Every Day

Which Watch Face Strikes Your Fancy?

Showcase your unique style and personality by picking your favorite strap color and watch face. With 30+ available watch faces, simply pick one that sparks joy and start off your day right.

Choose Your Color

Multiple colors available including black, silver and gold to match your own style!

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold

Your Personal Assistant

Never Miss A Beat

Connect Saphir to your phone and receive all notifications directly on your watch.

Alexa* On the Go

Log into your Alexa account on the watch and have easy access to your voice assistant wherever you go.

*Supported Languages: English/French/Italian/Spanish/German

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